Bottle cage

The CarbonWorks bottle cage is specifically developed for high performance cycling, offering a low weight and aerodynamic advantages. It consists of two convoluted fibre composite tubes made of carbon fibre, offering high strength and excellent grip at a record weight of 5.0 grams.

Delivered with two black anodised aluminum screws.

The bottle cage is available in two variants. The plastic protective layer raises the durability so that variant is appropriate for rides in heavy terrain.

We absolutely recommend the 8 grams version. By virtue of its protection layer it has:

– more grip, to hold the bottle stronger

– a smooth surface, to prevent scratching the bottle

– a longer life expectancy

Material Carbon Fibre Sleeve
Weigt 5.0 – 8.0 Grams
Screw distance flexible 60 – 70 mm
Dimensions (LxBxH) 115 x 88 x 88 mm
Surface untreated
plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide

Cockpit Mount

The CarbonWorks Cockpit Mount has been developed with the highest standards of weight, quality and comfort. It is convincing with its low weight starting at 22 grams, the innovative mounting and its elegant design.

It can be individually adjusted in the angle as well as in three steps in the length.

The Cockpit Mount supports following bike computers:


Edge 1030, 1000, Explore 1000, 820, Explore 820, 810, 800, 520 Plus, 510, 500, 130, 25, 20, Touring, etc.


ROX 7.0, ROX 11.0, ROX 12.0


ELEMNT Mini, ELEMNT Bolt, ELEMNT Roam, etc.


The wound fiber composite pipes allow mounting on stem bars with a screw spacing between 10mm and 30mm. Two specially made titanium screws are used for the innovative mounting.
The assembly requires a stem bar with a rear open thread.

plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide


The ultimate bike computer mount.
Fits at any stem with M5 screws, even if the stem doesn’t have through holes. Is adjustable in angle and length and easily carries a lamp or camera.

The holder was created as part of a master’s thesis and combines all the advantages of the CockpitMount with a slightly higher weight.

The highlight, however, is that you can support yourself sitting in aerodynamic position with your hands on the computer.

plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide

CockpitMount straight

This version of the cockpit mount was developed especially for small computers. It can be mounted on the stem directly from the front. The delivery includes M5 titanium screws in suitable length and a tool for assembly.

Maximum payload: 100 grams
For big computers please choose the enhanced MasterMount.

plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide

Integral Mounts

Functional holder for integrated handlebar stem combinations.

The angle of the computer can be adjusted and an optional GoPro adapter allows additional attachments. All at a tolerable weight of less than 33 grams.

Not suitable for Garmin 1030

Weight and total length:
short version: 14 grams / 131 mm
long version: 14 grams / 140 mm
multifunctional: 23 grams / 142 mm
(GoPro-adapter 10 grams)

plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide


A partner project by MCFK and CarbonWorks.

In the basic version under 14 grams.

Optional with GoPro adapter.

For assembly, the clam of the stem is simply replaced and the MCFK-Mount is ready for use, perfectly centered of course.

By default, the angle of the bike computer is not adjustable.

If necessary, the angle can be adjusted continuously using the slightly heavier adapter of the CockpitMount.

A special tool for assembly with the torque wrench is included in the delivery.

109,90 124,90 
plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide

THM Tibia-Mount

One of our lightest computermounts: including the adapter, this high-strength aluminum mount weighs less than 12 grams.

The distance from the stem to the center of the adapter plate is about 56 mm.
All common computers can be installed easily.
Carbon mounting paste should be applied between the stem and the holder.

If you own a Garmin 1030, we recommend that you wait until summer 2020. There will then be an additional version for extra large computers.

plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide


The mount for Darimo stems is supplied with a special tool for assembly using a torque wrench.

weight 12 grams

By default, the angle of the computer is not adjustable.

If necessary, the angle can be adjusted continuously using the nine grams heavier adapter of the CockpitMount.

109,90 124,90 
plus 4,90 € for shipping, worldwide