Since 2007 fiber composites are our passion. The planning, design and production of components made of carbon, glass and aramid fibers has become our craft.

Due to the passion for cycling and many years of experience in dealing with fiber composites, we produce small series with highest quality.

Our Services

You are planning a new project or a component on the base of composite materials? We can assist you in turning your ideas from rough concept to series production. Benefit from our experience and knowledge in the professional planning, designing and producing of fibre composite components.

Fibre composites offer enormous potential – but due to their anisotropic material properties there are many structural challenges. In the design phase of your project, these properties must be considered. Through our profound knowledge, we plan and construct for you professionally and already stand by your side  from the beginning of your project.

We manufacture prototypes of fibre composite materials  according to your wishes and ideas using different methods such as resin injection process ( RI ) or the resin transfer moulding process ( RTM ). On request, we offer you studies and instructions for serial production and point out possible risks and challenges.

Our strength – the convoluted fibre composite tubes. Our specially developed manufacturing process for wound fibre composite tubes allows a quick and cost-effective production to be used for industrial purposes and as high quality decoration and design elements. We place great value on high quality and non-porous surfaces under the use of various resin systems.

We produce small series of components based on fibre composite materials according to your individual requirements. On request we also design and produce the manufacturing moulds. Depending on the size and dimensions of the component we offer a capacity of up to 20 units per month in our manufactory.

Our Team

We are a young, innovative and committed company with the goal of developing and producing innovative products of high quality. As engineers we know about the potential in fiber composites materials and use their properties to achieve the best possible results.

We are supporting the culture of the German craftsmanship and therefore produce our products largely by hand. In doing so, we dispense with unnecessary and complex packaging, but let our products and our service speak for the quality of the CarbonWorks brand.