Baldiso one

In developing this frame for BALDISO, I deliberately avoided copying popular road bikes on the market. Just as a schoolchild tends to follow the pattern of his neighbor’s essay as soon as he sees it, a designer would involuntarily adopt the pattern of an existing product.

Development should start with a white sheet of paper, because something original will inevitably emerge. Even if there is no guarantee that it will be innovative, it will definitely not be a more or less successful copy of an existing technology. In the concept phase, I consistently avoided using online search engines to find solutions, so as not to fall into conventional patterns at points where strict, systematic thinking would be appropriate.

Carefully thought-out design elements keep the complexity of the overall product as low as possible to minimize drag and increase quality and durability. Because: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Leonardo da Vinci).

The frame is limited to a total of 1500 pieces. Only 300 of these will be sold as pure frame sets via the CarbonWorks online shop. A complete bike and further information can be obtained directly from BALDISO – your competent contact for all important details.

Pre-order limited frameset

Complete bike ordering and more information directly from BALDISO